Thursday, October 14, 2010

Squished and Squashed

Today was my first annual mammogram. I won't lie to you, it is a touch uncomfortable. Having your boob sandwiched between two blocks of perspex as tightly as possible, while you hug the machine and have your face pressed against the cold metal, while they hand tighten the screws to get it that little bit closer, isn't the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon, but in reality it only lasts seconds. And yes, you do want them to get it right and get as much flesh in there as they can, so you get the most thorough check possible.

I walked into the hospital with my usual confident stride, read some exciting papers about the Browne Review while I waited to be called, and was happily chatting to to radiography nurse as I undressed and got into position. It was only as I was leaving and she commented that "the first one is always the worst" that I realised that it was and shed a couple of tears. I could put the possibility that the scan might discover more cancer to the back of my mind before. Now that they have taken the image, I can't quite so much. It's quite scary. I don't get to see Mr Ghosh for the results until 5th November so I asked whether if they found something, would they call me back sooner? I can't imagine them leaving it more than 2 weeks, butI may phone next week to ask if there are any preliminary results...

In other news, last week I had my 7th Herceptin treatment. As before, it was a loading dose given at Velindre, and I had no reaction to it, so just spent the day reading (work stuff) and relaxing. Next one on the 26th October, and then the rest from home. I have yet to be contacted by Bupa to see how that all works, but am still living in hope that I can have the rest in the evening at home.

This last couple of weeks have been very hectic. We are still working on getting Greg's house ready for sale. It shouldn't take much more now. Some grouting, bathroom washbasin, wallpaper and painting to do, plus a few smaller bits and bobs, but the bulk of the work is done now.

This week, ma and pa visited on their way to Devon (Monday), then we went to a Groove Armada gig in Bristol (Tuesday), then worked late (Wednesday) and today was boob-squashing day. I've also had my house valued today: not worth quite as much as I'd like, but its not too far off my estimates. Will get some small things done like painting the kitchen ceiling (it is still has raw plaster where we had the wall taken down!) and then get it on the market, so that we are ready to buy somewhere new... Exciting!

More decorating at Greg's at the weekend. Hopefully a final push...