Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mammogram results

Oops. I was so excited about reporting back about Faithless, that I forgot to post about the result of my mammogram. Only 7 weeks after I had it, and I finally got to see Mr Ghosh, the consultant surgeon.  As I thought, no news was good news and there was nothing of concern on the x-ray, and he did a hands-on examination and there was nothing wrong there either.

We had a brief catch up about my treatement so far, and how far along the herceptin I was, and he wants to see me again in 6 months time.  That concerned me slightly, so I asked why so soon, and the response was that due to Dr Iqbal leaving, they didn't want me to fall through the gaps.  I think I will see another oncologist for future heart scan results, but it does feel better to know that Mr Ghosh, who has been with me from the start, will continue to take a close interest. As I was waiting outside his room, the husband of the patient before me was chatting about how brilliant Mr Ghosh was. I think most (if not all) of his patients feel like that. Reassuring.

I also took the opportunity to ask about reconstruction. He said to give them a call when the herceptin was all done, and they would arrange for me to see a plastic surgeon. Mr Ghosh doesn't do that bit, he leaves it to the experts. However, he did say that they prefer to be able to do a reconstruction using tummy fat now, and potentially no muscle. This would be great. The current (old?) way was to take muscle from the back or the tummy to hold in an implant, and this obviously is a big operation and can cause problems in the donor site (e.g.weak tummy muscles).   An implant also isn't always what you want. Having a foreign body in you after what you've been through isn't the most reassuring.   So they are starting to use tummy/thigh fat instead. Its less likely to be rejected, although it can be reabsorbed into your body, and you get a tiny bit of lipsuction at the same time! Result!    A friend who recently had this done was black and blue afterwards, but still able to come along to a party in the week after the fat suction!

Herceptin No 10 tomorrow. Bupa nurses have confirmed by phone, and we are again hopefully of a pre-9am start. We shall see.

Oh, and we're moving house on the 20th Dec. And I'm changing jobs (just location & role, not employer) and finish in my current post on 17th Dec. Don't talk to me about Christmas. So I still feel like I have a lot going on at the moment and am a bit tearful. Happy, busy, all positive - just a bit exhausted.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

God is a DJ

The week that has just gone, shall henceforth be dubbed "Faithless week".

Yes, indeedy, we managed to see Faithless live not just once, courtesy of a lovely lady (B, you know who you are, thank you!!!) who works for the Manchester Evening News Arena, but actually twice. A friend was able to get tickets for the Cardiff gig on Wednesday, so we went there first.

We arrived slightly late on Wednesday, due to having been at work and then needing to get food - and not realising what time the main act would come on - so we missed the support (Example), but arrived just as Maxi Jazz and co were on their opening number. 2 hours later, a few beers and lots of dancing, and we walked back to the bargain Travelodge which was our abode for the night. If any of you follow me on Facebook, you'll see from the numerous posts I put that I enjoyed the night!!! Greg wasn't all that impressed at walking back to the hotel... it was only just over a mile, but bitterly cold. J and I kept thinking our hotel was around the next corner, so turned down the taxi that Greg managed to hail! Oops.

So yesterday (saturday) was the Manchester event, and we decided to arrive early so that we could get some of the Christmas shopping done beforehand. Mistake. Big mistake. Huge. (well, it wasn't that bad, but it sounded good!)

We found the Travelodge (so we thought) but couldn't check in because we were too early. Or, that should be we COULD check in, but it would cost £10 more. What a rip off. If the room is ready, its ready. If it isn't, it isn't. Obviously some rooms are ready, so they think they can charge extra! We declined and went straight into the city centre instead. Found all day/evening parkng for £6 right opposite the venue and walking distance from the city, so was very happy with that. It was raining slightly and we both have colds, but we could cope with hat. What we couldn't cope with was (a) MASSES of people everywhere - we hadn't really een thinking about this being a saturday before Christmas, on a week when many people had been housebound due to the weather; and (b) THE SHOPS ARE ALL THE SAME AS ANYWHERE ELSE!!! So uninspiring. Even Selfridges didn't offer anything suitable for my friends or family. So we bought exactly nought. Well, a drink in a pub , a hot chocolate in Starbucks and a meal in Tampopo was as far as our spending went.

On to the gig, and we arrived in plenty of time to see both support acts. "Union" were a DJ set who seemed to think holding your deck and laptop behind your head while you pressed buttons was the equivalent of holding your guitar behind you back. Errr, no.

Example is more well known, and I was reasonably open-minded. If you like his music, you'd have love his set. The sound quality on the first song was a bit rubbish - I always theorise that the sound is set up for the main act, so the support always has a rum deal. But it seemed to get better, so maybe they adjusted some settings. But apart from "Kickstarts", we just aren't all that taken with his music. One of the songs just seems to repeat the line "We came, we saw, we killed the crowd" over and over again. Rubbish.

The Faithless set was totally amazing, as we knew already. This time we were 100% sober and in a seated area, which isn't ideal if you want to dance, but we managed! And we were very grateful for being pretty near the front too. The chap to Greg's left was a a little lairy, but in a happy, chatty way, not threatening. Greg reckons he and his mate has a certain type of 'bracelet' on that required them to be home by 10pm... and they did disappear early (but I thought it was because he pulled!).

The girl to my right was fine - except that she kept going "Whoop, whoop" right in my ear and was singing the wrong words/at the wrong moment all through!

The set balances old songs and new, and some serious upbeat tracks with some of the slower instrumentals, to give both us and Maxi Jazz a bit of a break. He talked to the crowd a lot more than in Cardiff, but it was a much bigger crowd and this one was being recorded and sold after the event. Amazing stuff. You don't need to have beer to enjoy this stuff. Faithless never put a foot wrong.

This one summarises it all for me (and please note, I would like it as my funeral song!!)

Seriously, it is worth a click!