Friday, January 22, 2010

Taxotere #1

Well, delivery of the taxotere went really well today.

It took a couple of attempts again to get the cannula in, so I asked at what stage they would recommend getting a line put in (a Hickman or a PICC line, which is more permanent). The nurse felt now would be good, so I am being referred to get one done. Seeing as I have a year of 3-weekly infusions to look forward to, it would probably be better than stabbing my hand numerous times every time! As Olive the cat has a penchant for chewing plastic (christmas fairy lights, electric cables etc), Greg has advised we keep it hidden from her when it is in!!!

I nodded off slightly during the delivery, as you just sit and wait for the bag to drain into you, but felt no immediate side effects - unlike the FEC which gave me a buzzy nose/head for a short while and red pee!!

I've spent the rest of the day cleaning and cooking, so the steroids are obviously doing the job of keeping me awake well!! I didn't take a sleeping tablet last night, but felt quite semi-awake through the night, so I will be taking one tonight and hope that it gives me a thorough nights sleep. I am almost more afraid of having that than any thing else - I just recall a time when I was a student and took a Nytol, which gave me really bad kidney pain!!! That kept me awake!! These ones are actually anxiety pills as well as sleeping pills, so I hope that means they are mild ones.

In other news, I had a nice night out last night with work folk. It was one of the senior management team's retirement do, combined with our christmas meal out which is traditionally done in January! Nice to catch up socially, as they are all such a good bunch. We got talking to about running, and I tell you, I can't wait until I can run again properly. I feel like I can during the week running up to the next chemo, but then it feels pointless as I know a week later I won't feel energetic enough!!

On the weight front, I feel like I have it much more under control now. I am 3lbs lighter today than I was when I had my last chemo, so even if it goes up again for this first week, I feel reassured I will be able to get it back down again to something reasonable. That said, this extra dose of steroids made me absolutely starving earlier - I just HAD to have carbs!! A sandwich, bowl of soup and some naughty soda bread and butter sorted that out!!

Right, I think that is it for now. No big plans for the weekend except a pootle out to lunch tomorrow, wash the cars, and wait in for a lady to collect the exercise bike I sold on eBay the other week! (It came free with the treadmill, so it is still in the box!!). Enjoy your weekends, folks, and I'll probably be back soon if I feel like I get any side effects.

Oh, and I'll be injecting myself with the neulasta tomorrow, but hopefully that'll be a non-event!

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