Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tax #1 day by day

Tis Day 3 of Tax, and today I feel wobbly, tired and weepy. I was OK first thing - got up and tidied the kitchen (we'd left it in a shambles after yesterday's dinner!), but went back up to bed to read and snooze for a bit with G. When I finally ahd to get up - the lady who bought my exercise bike was due - I felt a lot less energetic. I have showered and spent the usual 20 minutes moisturising (you think you'd get more time in the mornings if you don't have your hair to do, but you end up slathering moisturisers all over every bit of (gradually getting more dry and old-looking) flesh instead, so that fills that time slot!)and then wobbled into the bedroom to bonk my head on the door frame. Mini tears.

Once dressed, picked up cups and plates from the bedroom and wobbled. More mini tears.

Wobbled gently downstairs to have a few more mini tears. All totally pointless!!! G laughed at me that I was clearly sad to see the exercise bike leave - the bike that I've had for a year and hasn't ever come out of its box!!

So, I have tidied a couple more things, got some washing on and have now given up and am on the sofa. My neck and glands and throat ache a little bit, so I suspect this is just due to the neulasta injection (which I gave myself yesterday with no problems at all). I was toying yesterday, with the idea of going into work tomorrow. Now, I definitely won't be. It's a 'planned' day of sick leave, so I'm not letting anyone down, so that helps.

Day 4 and I am not going to work. I had kind of planned it - Occupational Therapist had recommended having the monday after chemo off work (and possibly the Tuesday too) each time, and after yesterdays wobbliness, I knew that I would need to. G wouldn't have let me go anywhere anyway. I had a fairly disturbed nights sleep as my muscles/bones really started aching - it feels like having the flu without the fever. Your body just aches everywhere. I feel pings of pain at random places (ankles, knees, head, under my neck, fingers...) rather than one all over ache all of the time, but it does mean it is hard to get comfortable. I am propped up in bed at the moment with lots of pillows and cats!!

This feels like my first proper day off sick since my mastectomy operation. I've had lots of hospital appointment days off, but I have always got up and gone somewhere, and done some work from home on those days, and generally felt fine. Today, I am just lounging and trying to get comfortable. Ibuprofen has helped a little. I may top up with some paracetamol, once I have checked my temperature.

On the weight front, no constipation this time (I have been taking Movicol, which was recommended by the online forum co-sufferers!) and haven't piled on lots of weight. In fact, my weight has dropped a tiny bit but my body fat % has gone really high! I'm sure this is something to do with fluid retention, which I know is a side effect of the Taxotere, so I had better drink lots and keep my body flushed, methinks. Off to the kitchen for me...

Day 5 and I am feeling so much better. Was still wobbly last night when G came home, so he 'told' me I would not be going to work today, and I think he was right. I had a sleeping tablet last night, to try and ensure I got good sleep and help my body recover, and it seemed to do the trick. I woke up much more refreshed but still feeling a little bit wobbly on my feet (heels feel a bit numb, which could be very sight neutropathy). I had a fairly lazy morning, but thought it best to try and get up and do things. The filthy kitchen/hallway/conservatory floor has been seriously bugging me (there is - sorry, was - a road hump of mud making a trail from cat flap to staircase!), so very very slowly, I hoovered it, moved the furniture and mopped the lot. I didn't rush anything, didn't strain myself, and took breaks between each stage so that I didn't overdo it. And it is done. I feel so much better just for that!

I have also been out in the car to refuel it in preparation for tomorrow, and found a car wash. It looks all spanking new now. I now feel I have earned a break, so am watching "Please, Sir!" on telly until G comes home!

Have had a few painkillers today, but not many, and just to keep the aches and headaches at bay. I feel capable of so much more if my head isn't thumping!

Roll on tomorrow - I'll start thinking about work then, and not before.

More to come, depending on how I feel...

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