Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bye bye Luke

I realise it has been a few days since I've updated, but thats cos I have been busy with work and socialising!

Yesterday, we went out to a 21st birthday party in Symonds Yat. It was Levi's 21st - he with the brothers named Bjorn and Remi. Their mum clearly wanted them to be unique at school! Levi is Luke's cousin, and Luke is Greg's best mate. This morning Luke is on a train to Bassingbourne to start his training as a soldier. He is a fully trained mechanic, but is bored with fixing cars so thought he would turn his hand to tanks instead!!! Lots of the blokes were in tears last night as Luke is sometimes brash and upfront, but is also honest, loyal, energetic and funny. If you ask my neices, he comes from a planet far away and arrives at our camping weekends by spaceship. He has only gone to basic training, so we'll see him in only a few weeks time, and again when he 'passes out' and it will be interesting to see how he has changed. I suspect Greg's photography hobby is going to take over for a few weeks now.

Yesterday we also started sorting out Greg's house. A new kitchen has been ordered a few weeks ago, so we emptied the old one in preparation for taking it out next weekend. G's dad has been ordered to come up and help out (which he loves doing) so I shall be going to pick him up on Friday, and G will take him home on Sunday in time for his Auntie's funeral on the Monday. I shan't be able to go to it, as I suspect I won't be feeling well enough by then - next Chemo is next Friday.

There was more socialising last Friday night, with a last minute arrangement to have a few drinks and food with a friend and her new bloke. I won't name names, to protect the innocent, but I will say that I had a few glasses of wine, hope that I didn't say anything I shouldn't, that my friend is looking very lovely these days (not that she hasn't always!), and her new bloke seems to be great fun - but she does seem to have a knack of getting together with the 'complicated' ones!

I had meant to blog about the heart scan that I had last Thursday too, but forgot to! Anyway, it was another MUGA heart scan so I've blogged about the first one I had so won't go through the detail again. It was all quite straightforward, with the nurses in the Nuclear Medicine Unit remembering me because of my address - everyone thinks Cornpoppy Avenue is such a pretty name. Such a disappointment that it doesn't have gardens full of poppies and roses, or pretty little cottages, and just boring new housing estate homes. I imagine I will get the results next Tuesday at clinic.

Work last week was all fine. We have some news coming next Monday about our future at the College, so I'll tell you about that next week. I was feeling mostly full of energy, except for one day where I was a bit tired and had rubbed my eye after stroking the cat, so looked like I'd been given a thump! Nicely swollen! I'm allergic to my 3 cats, in case you didn't know. And no, I am not getting rid of them!

Today (Sunday) I just have the house to clean and my major task will be to find homes for all of the stuff we brought back from Greg's house yesterday. I may have to have a clear out to make some space...

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