Monday, February 8, 2010


I have been reading threads about women with breast cancer who have had months and months off work and a phased return when they do go back. I know there are plenty who are like me and do continue to work throughout, but we seem more unusual. Am I just really fortunate to be able to carry on working? Am I just having much, much fewer side effects than most? I don't think I am pushing myself more than anyone else as for 2 weeks out of three I feel absolutely normal.

Working keeps me feeling normal. I don't want breast cancer to take me out of my normal life so far that I feel too 'special' or different. I don't want to leave the workplace and feel scared about going back. I need to feel I am doing something useful with my life.

A colleague at work today said that this blog had been helpful for her to understand something that is so often swept under the carpet, hidden away. Cancer patients often get diagnosed and disappear. Me being at work and continuing to live my life has opened up a whole secret world! I do hope that this blog is helping other people to understand what goes on and perhaps be less afraid should something similar happen to them. But of course, I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to you or anyone close to you.

Tomorrow, clinic and more zoladex, then project planning...

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