Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tax # 2 day by day

And it is Saturday, so we start the countdown to see what the symptoms will be like this time.

Yesterday's treatment went well, in, hooked up through the vein the back of my hand (am now wondering if I have been a little too quick to get a PICC line inserted before I need to... did I say it is booked for 3rd March?). An hour and a half of saline/taxotere/saline and then home.... via picking up G's dad so he can help out with sorting out his house and taking out the kitchen.

So that is what we did today - they took the kitchen out, and I went shopping!! Greg needs new shoes so he can go to his Aunty's funeral in Exeter on Monday both to show his face to family he doesn't see very often, and to support his dad (who, to be honest, doesn't sound like he likes his remaining brothers and sisters very much, with the exception of one pair!). I am not planning on going, as I felt really lethargic last time by the monday, so I don't think I would be up to it.

I had an idea today - I have been on a high steroid dose since Thursday, which aim to prevent an allergic reaction to the taxotere and put you on a bit of a high. That prescription is complete now, so none planned for tomorrow. However, I have a few left over from a previous prescription, so maybe I could wean myself off them over the next two days and my expected 'crash' tomorrow won't be so hard? So I phoned Velindre to speak to the chemo nurse, who checked with the doctor, and they wouldn't advise it. Bum. I thought it was a brilliant idea... but I shan't go against their advice. I have a meeting on Tuesday afternoon, so I am really hoping I will be well enough by then to drive to Bristol and back, even if I take the morning off and take it slowly.

I forgot to take my Neulasta injection on time today - it has to be at least 24 hours after the chemo, but in fact was about 31 hours afterwards, but it is done now. G nagged me!!! I had meant to take it to G's house and do it there, but forgot. I will now expect a few slight aches from that, but at least it is boosting my white cell count each time!

Only two more chemos to go!!! The count down is SERIOUSLY on!!!!

Sunday - Was on a steroid high this morning, so cleaned the house. G and his dad toodled off to Exeter via Gloucester, so I have chilled out this afternoon and watched the entire series of Glee online. I kinda see why people like it. I loved the dancing at the football game. But essentially, it is just nice to have a TV series that is happy and light, and not doom and gloom. But it is a bit candyfloss. Will I carry on watching the rest? Probably, but not when Greg is looking.... ;-)

About 8.30pm and I have started to feel rough again, just a slight headache and fuzzy mouth starting, plus extra farts and hot and cold again. I have a blanket, on, off, on, off, on, off.... Didn't sleep brilliantly, so I have now taken some Hedex and a sleeping tablet, and hope that that (plus having the bed to myself) will mean I get a good night. I am not expecting or planning to go to work tomorrow. But maybe Tuesday I will.

Tuesday - had yesterday off work and pottered about. Today, I went into work. Very slowly, teetered into the office, caught up with some emails and went to a meeting about "Libraries of the Future". I didn't stay late as I didn't want to get stuck in Bristol traffic, but I did also do the weekly shop (slowly) and went home and cooked G some savoury pancakes... which he didn't like! Well, he was polite about it as I complain that he seems to hate everything I cook. To be honest, I have been in a grump as I feel like I still do everything around the house except the cooking. And I told him so. He is blaming my up and down hormones, I am just blaming tiredness and still having to do everything.... sigh. I am fairly impossible to please, as I want to be as independent as possible, but something simple like clearing up last night's take away would have kept me calm....

Took some photos yesterday of my hair/no hair situation: Slideshow

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