Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another item nearly ticked off the 'to do' list

Well, we have been working very hard to get Greg's house ready for sale, and now it is (all bar putting in some carpet, which will be done this weekend). Mine is now up for sale too.

We have located a house to buy already.... and in fact, have made an offer and had it accepted. With the amazingly kind support of my parents, we are able to purchase a house before we have actually sold our existing homes.

The new house is a little bigger than my current house, but is based on the side of a hill with fantastic views (and a deck from which to admire them), no overlooking neighbours - in fact, only a handful of houses on the no-through road, all to one side of our new property, wood burner, Rayburn, and much to Greg's delight, an enormous workshop AND a garage! It is a 100 year old cottage that has been beautifully extended and renovated. After all of the DIY that we have done at Greg's house, not having to do anything at the new place is such a huge relief!

The only downside is that it is a little further away from Bristol than Monmouth is, so my commute from January is going to be a little longer. Even from Monmouth today, it took me 1hr 20 minutes to get to the University's Glenside campus. 50 minutes of this time is sitting in traffic on the M4 and the ring road. I will be getting the train from Gloucester some of the time, methinks....

We could be moved in by Christmas, if all goes to plan. Watch this space!

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