Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still hectic and busy

I feel like I am always making excuses about why I haven't done x or y at the moment. I'm sure people must be getting fed up with me. But it does feel as if life has been a little non-stop for the past 6 months+, mostly all my own fault, I think!

As well as a few months where many workday evenings and weekends were spent doign DIY at Greg's house, I have also done a couple of small tidy up DIY jobs at my house (i.e. paint the kitchen ceiling, only 2 years after the wall between the kitchen and dining room was removed!!, and fill and paint the holes in the wall where a curtain rail used to be). So the working day often hasn't finished until 8pm or later due to that, and food has been take aways or 'quick' meals rather than relaxed and nutritious.

I was also determined to implement more teaching at work. It was something I had wanted to do last year, but treatment meant it would be foolish and unfair on the rest of my team to implement it. This year, I have been present and so could do my share, so we did it. I also needed to have reasonably high teaching hours, as I am doing a course called the "Mini Academic Development Programme" which supports academic (teaching) staff to become better teachers. The 2 modules of the course could count towards a PGCE (post-graduate certificate in education), if I wanted to continue it on. I need to log 45 hours of teaching.... I haven't counted them up yet, but don't think I'm quite there yet...

At work we are also one member of staff down compared to last year, and although no-one is dropping any balls - everything is getting done, customers are getting served - we have had to reduce the opening hours of the library and the remaining team are much more customer facing than ever before, which can be exhausting. Saying the same things to students (be quiet, turn your phone off, take that drink/food/attitude outside etc) day in, day out is very tiring.

We're also preparing for me to leave the team in January. I'm trying to get some things done before I go so that I can leave everyone as prepared as possible, and they are fretting about what is going to happen when I have gone. It's not going to be ideal: I won't be replaced by a new manager, as it is probable that the whole team will be transferred to the College's management at the end of July 2011, so there is little chance of getting someone in at the right level to manage the team for just 7 months. Instead, my current boss will look after the team and I'll keep a hand in to support her as much as I can. We'll get someone else in to take on the day to day subject support work that I do, and to relieve some of the remaining team so that they can concentrate on any work that needs doing in preparation for the transfer.

It's not ideal. I am still torn about leaving. I will miss everyone so very much, and will probably always feel guilty for leaving them - but I was given an opportunity to stay with my current employers and it was (and is) the right decision for me to take it. The team I am going to are also great, and will be a pleasure to work with - and I suspect it won't be quite as stressful a job.... but only time will tell!!

Oh, and buying a house while selling two others. That's why I feel a little busy at the moment. If I don't return your call or email instantly, it's not personal. xxx

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