Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rads #1 done. 14 to go...

My first radiotherapy session went well today. The staff were very friendly, as always, and we had a chat about what was going to happen and tips about skin care before I was taken to the machine. I asked about what the planning session does, and the radiographer showed me an image from my CT scan. They use the scan to identify the edges of the breast tissue to make sure that the radiotherapy targets all of the former boob area, and also the neck area to get any remaining lymph nodes.

When they deliver it, you lay on the bed and the machine moves above your head and to your side. You have your arms above your head, but held in arm holders and they wiggle you into position to make sure that you are positioned absolutely correctly. I could see the lasers they use to line you up reflected in the metal of the radiation arm!

Apparently, I can expect to get a couple of 'sunburn' squares on my chest, and tiredness, but apparently most people don't get these until at least the third week.

Today took about 40 minutes in all, but tomorrow should be much quicker now that all the forms have been signed and information given. In, zap, out.

Oh, and the work conference? I'm not really sure I got the point of it....

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