Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunshine and camping

Just one more radiotherapy to go, and I don't know whether tiredness is going to kick in anytime soon, but I suspect not. Yesterday, I was up at 8am and went for a run (back to beginner training again), walked into town for a few bits and pieces, got stuff ready for camping and then woke Greg up!

We went down to Cockwood, near Dawlish Warren, just for one night with Luke and his girlfriend Charlotte and stayed at Cofton Country Holiday Park. It is really nice campsite, and was a walk away from one of Greg's favourite pubs, the Anchor Inn, which sells his favourite beer, Otter. We sampled a few pints and I had a nice baked camembert and a fish pie, before we headed back to the campsite and a short visit from Greg's mum.

This morning, I woke early again and made the tea, while Greg slept and Luke and Charlotte packed up their tent to head off to another social engagement. After a sausage sandwich brekkie, we soon followed, going via Greg's dad's to say hello, and then to Darts Farm to buy a couple of crates of bottled Otter to take camping next weekend at Westermill.

The sun has been baking hot all weekend, so I have had my hat on, factor 50 suncream on my upper half, and a scarf tied around my neck and draped over my shoulder so that my radiotherapy side does not get burnt. The radiotherapy will make it ultra sensitive to sunburn for the rest of my days now, but it will be particularly sensitive early on, so I have to be very careful with it.

I have found some 'secret support' vests from M&S which fit my 'comfy' boob (the one I was given after surgery, which is like a mini-pillow) as I find my regular prosthetic boob is too big now. It matched originally, but my real boob has deflated in recent months - as my oestrogen levels have dropped, I guess - and it looks odd now. The vest tops can be worn in the summer and I think, look quite nice. If you're looking, or if I bend down, you can tell that I have no boob, but it isn't obvious to most casual observers and I'm not ashamed. When I went running, I didn't wear any prosthetic at all, I was just lopsided!

This afternoon, it has been too hot to do anything much. Greg has had to go to work to make sure his network comes back on after a scheduled power outage, I have unpacked all our camping things and put a couple of loads of washing on, and caught up on some iPlayer and 4oD TV programmes.

My last radiotherapy is tomorrow morning - I have bought the nurses a cake from Darts Farm - and I have a 4 day week before 8 days off. This of course means the weather is going to break. We can't have it all, can we?!

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