Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hair loss has begun....

Had a lovely weekend with G's friends in Cheshire/Liverpool. We started by driving around Wales on Friday, just to find some new roads and places and have a nose about. We aimed for Aberaeron after criss-crossing the Brecons after I saw a short video on the Welsh tourist board's website showing that it was a pretty fishing village. Indeed it was, and if we had more time and it wasn't peeing down with rain, we might have stopped and had a proper look around!!! As it was, we were then a bit late getting to D&L's but we got there before 7pm and they'd cooked a lovely butternut squash risotto for us.

A few glasses of wine ensued, and we got to bed about 1am I think! Not bad considering D had been on a night shift the night before and only had a few hours nap that day.

Next day was a bit of shopping at Cheshire Oaks and a nice curry in Liverpool, and then today we had sunday lunch and came home. Back now, just in time for an evening with the Doctor (Who) and Top Gear. Sorted.

However, over the last few days my hair had only been coming out in single strands, which is more or less normal. I've probably only noticed it as I am avidly waiting to see when it'll start to come out quicker and I'm still getting used to having long hair so I do notice it more anyway. Today, though, and I woke up to be able to pull 5 or 6 hairs out at once each time I just run my fingers gently through. Definitely more than is normal, so I think I will count today (day 17 after my first chemo) as the day it really started. I don't know how quickly it will come now, but I am not going to be pulling it out on purpose - I'll be gentle in the hope it will get me through to at least Thursday, as that would be the best day for getting it sorted out - if I have to this week.

I spoke to my usual hairdresser last week and she said that I am to call anytime I need her and she will fit me in. She's happy to shave it off for me and to fit my wig properly and style/trim it if needed. Bless her, she's a really sweet girl and most of all, an exellent hairdresser, so I know I will be in safe hands. I think I will probably find it a more emotional experience than I am expecting, but once I am past it, it will be fine. At the moment I have what a lot of the ladies on the BC forum I chat on are calling "pony tail ache": the ache in your scalp when you've had your hair up in a tight pony tail for too long. It hasn't been in one, but the feeling is the same!

This week, I am back to hospital for pre-chemo blood test on Tuesday, and then 2nd chemo treatment on Friday. I have a slight tickly cough, but can't honestly say I wouldn't have got that at this time of year anyway, so I don't think it is unusual or caused by lowered immunity or anything. Lets hope this next week all goes smoothly. xxx

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