Monday, November 23, 2009

MUGA Heart scan

Had my scan this morning at the Velindre Cancer Clinic in Cardiff. It took a while - you get an injection on arrival (which the nurse/technician nearly managed to mess up - she missed the vein, but luckily didn't go right through it so could try again and found it 2nd time!!) and then a wait for a while, then back for the 2nd injection (this one is radioactive, but only a tiny dose - and she nearly messed up again - I have two tiny bruises on my arm now!) and straight into the room with the scanner. They attached 3 wires to an ECG machine, position the camera over the heart, and then I lay back and dozed for about an hour!!! I was definitely falling asleep... twitched a couple of times and woke myself up!!! lol The scan shows how much blood is pumping through the left ventricle (should be 50-80%, I think).

I won't get the results today as they have to tidy up the images, get a proper radiologist to review and report on it, and then they send that report to my consultant, so I guess I will find out when I next see him on 8th December.

After that, I was really tired - only got about 5 hours sleep last night and the night before, plus all the driving to and from Cardiff in fairly heavy rain and wind - so came home, sent a couple of emails and went to bed. Slept for 1.5-2 hours, so not massively long, but it all helps. I've also had a headache all afternoon & evening, which two Hedex dented slightly, but didn't fix like they normally do.

However, this time around I have had no: mouth ulcers, constipation, shakes, no sickness, no change in taste, so I still consider myself very lucky. It is entirely possible the headache is more due to the Zoladex injection than anything else.

I won't be having any more steroids now (I've had half the recommended dose for only 3 days, instead of what I had last time - the full dose for just under 5 days), so I am hoping this will help my sleeping patterns, which seem to have me tired but not sleepy and staying awake until 1-2am, waking at 6am.

Greg and I may shave my head properly tomorrow, if we are both not feeling to tired to do it!! I think it'll look better with no hair than the patchy/wispy bits that are now left. It may itch less too.... lets hope!!

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