Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fuzzy head

I need to record what has been happening this week, otherwise I will forget...

Friday 20th (day 1) - chemo delivered
Saturday - shopping and pub
Sunday - visited C & MJ
Monday - MUGA scan, afternoon sleep and headache (as already reported)

Tuesday - work as normal although did snooze in the car on way home from work (G driving, obviously). Didn't feel too tired or fuzzy during the day, just annoying myself with this non-stop cough and getting headaches in the afternoon.

Wednesday - slept well last night, discovered cocodamol tablets which are helping with headaches and act as a cough suppressant, so although the cough is still there, it feels a bit better managed. Was fine all day, but got tired at about 3.30pm. Snoozed in car on way home from work, had a couple of hours nap when I got home.

Thursday (day 7) - didn't sleep so well, cough seems a little better, feel 85%: in other words, I'm not quite firing on all cylinders and am happy to pootle along, but don't ask for any tricky decisions as it may take me a while to get my head into gear. Feel a bit fuzzy-headed. If I wasn't at work, I would be wasting my day, so work is a good focus and I can do the things I need to... but not much more! No emergencies please!

Friday - got a days holiday to take. Desperately need to hoover the house and clean bathrooms, so that will be my target for the day. Otherwise, I'll only waste the day watching TV and internet surfing. Achieving something (even if it is only cleaning!) will make me feel a more worthwhile member of society (well, of the household, anyway!).

Friday - felt like I was back online and awake, finally. Slept OK - woke at 6am, awake for 45 mins or so and then back to sleep. Woke properly when G went to work, but decided to stay in bed until 11am, just because I could. Walked into town, cleaned bathrooms, hoovered house, sorted bins, cooked lamb shanks. Cough still annoying, cocodamol still working. 10.30pm now, tired and think I'll sleep well. Period started, only 16 days since the start of my last one, but am not surprised that my cycles are a little buggered!

Sunday - had a lovely weekend with Matthew, Claire and the kids, and mum and dad. Feel like my energy is coming back in spades! Still coughing, but feeling good in myself. I would go for a run tomorrow if my cough wasn't there. Drank lots of cheap prosecco with Claire and had a good catch up. Tonight, G has shaved off the rest of my hair so I am properly bald now. I'll post a picture tomorrow, when I have some make up on!!

Monday - G had the day off work - bad cough, headaches, aches and pains in his body, high temp. I left him to it! He did look bad though...

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