Monday, November 9, 2009

I didn't expect to be running...

Yes, I admit it, I thought I would go for a run today. Glad I bought that treadmill now!

I know it isn't what you would usually expect someone on week 2 of chemo treatment to do, but I am feeling 100% fit, so I thought I would see how I did. I did a mix of running and walking for the first 20 minutes, and managed 1.5 miles, had a little break and a drink, and then got back on for another 12 minutes and managed to run constantly for another mile. I was rather pleased with that!

Back to work again today, and was joking with the team that I am a big fraud and i'm not really ill or having treatment at all!!! It is certainly how I feel today.

This week is supposed to be lower immunity, so I will keep an eye out for germs and bugs, but I certainly don't feel in any danger, and if I was allowed to have another treatment and get them done quicker, I would do!!

Had a lovely weekend - saturday was sorting out presents for a certain boyfriend's birthday this wednesday, and doing a bit of shopping at our new favourite garden centre/cafe in Raglan. Then Matthew brought the children down for a visit on Sunday, which was really lovely. Sadly, Claire's lovely Nanna was at the end of her cancer journey so Claire stayed at home. Gloria passed away today. RIP to a lovely, characterful lady. She will be missed.

And finally, I have a confession: I had friday off work, pootled about in the morning and was quite content. Decided to pop to the new Cabot Circus shopping centre in Bristol to have a look about so took myself off.... only to completely misjudge the entrance to the car park and mangle the rear passenger side of the car. The panels can be resprayed, but I've managed to bend the metal on a plastic bollard, so that'll be trickier to fix. Feel stupid as it is years since I have damaged a car in that way, but I suppose it is more likely to happen with a much bigger car and in the first few weeks of ownership.... Doh!! Totally shook me up at the time and ruined my shopping trip. I bought nothing and won't be going back. I'll get over the embarrasment eventually, I suppose...

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