Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hurrah! GP check yesterday, and my blood pressure is down again! It is now 124/86 which is much more normal for me. Normally, they increase the dose of Perindopril from the 2mg a day that I am on at the moment, to 16mg for it to do what it needs to do. But doc has left me on 2mg until next Friday's check as he doesn't want my BP to go too low - it's almost as bad as it being too high as I'd feel tired all the time.

Was a bit annoyed at the surgery as I had an 8.30am appointment and expected to be straight in and out and then Greg and I could get to work. Even going at that time would make us late at work. However, some bossy mother had brought her teenage daughter in and wheedled the receptionist to allow her to have "a quick chat" with the doctor ahead of the drop in clinic starting. This quick chat turned into the doctor doing a procedure on the daughter (don't ask me what!!) and using the nurses treatment room, which I was supposed to be in for my appointment! So the whole thing to 30 minutes longer than it should have done and G and I were both really later for work. Grrrr. Its not as if I haven't already missed enough of work in the last 9 months, is it? I know, I know, I have the best excuse possible, but that doesn't mean I don't feel guilty about not pulling my weight at work.

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