Monday, June 14, 2010

More drugs

On Friday, I came home to find I had been scheduled with an appointment for Dr Iqbal today, down at Velindre. So off I toddled, not really knowing what it was for but hoping it was to help answer the questions about what exercise I could do following the heart scan result. I had called Michelle - who, bless her, knew everything about my latest results even though I haven't seen her for ages - on Thursday to ask whether I could walk or run and continue with some kind of exercise.

I have been put on Perindopril, an ACE inhibitor under the supervision of the GP. He explained what it was all about: the Herceptin seems to cause the heart to swell, which reduces the amount of space inside it for blood, which is why the % rate is lowered and your blood pressure is higher. The body reacts by trying to make the heart bigger, which just exacerbates the problem, so the drug should reduce the swelling and allow it to go back to normal. My BP today was 141/91 (my worst result EVER!), and I will go back on Friday for a further check, and again the following Friday. They up the dosage each time, if the result is right (although I'm not sure what the right result will be!).

Dr Iqbal will be booking me another MUGA heart scan at the end of July, and an appointment with him on 27th July to see if I can go back on the herceptin. Fingers crossed!

He will also write to Mr Ghosh, the surgeon, to discuss my follow up and mammogram, which will be due in September.

I like Dr Iqbal - I feel he champions my cause, but you do have to make sure you tie him down to get answers as he darts around doing various things all the time! He went off to phone my GP in the middle of my consultation, getting the new prescription sorted out! But at least you know stuff gets done, and the GP was all sorted with my prescription by the time I had driven from Cardiff to Monmouth, which was great.

I missed a half day at work, but at least I got it sorted!

You'll be thrilled to know that I am allowed to Walk my Walk on 4th July (don't forget to donate, if you've been meaning to but haven't got around to it!) and to swim, but just not allowed to run fast - which I am incapable of anyway! Basically, take it steady and don't overdo things.

I will also not be drinking for the next month or so (well, maybe the odd ONE drink of an evening), which Greg is thrilled about as I can be the designated driver on England footy game nights! We went out last Saturday, and Luke narrowly avoided causing a fight - luckily a scrap over on the other side of the pub was a good distraction! Table service (supposed to be provided along with our table booking, burger and beer) wasn't forthcoming, so Greg managed to negotiate two free rounds of drinks! At least we got something from the night, even if the England team only managed to salvage one point... Lets see what Friday brings!

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