Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy busy bee

So, just to explain why I have been far too busy to update the blog in the past month:

- Walked the Walk
- A week in Mallorca and some nice sunshine
- Visit to my brother and family to wish Ella a happy 10th birthday
- Attended a conference at Bicton College in Devon
- Camping with a big group of friends
- Seeing The Automatic at Monmouth Festival (free gigs!!)
- Being Jane Austen for a day (Leanne's Hen do)
- Mesmerised by the Monmouth Balloon Glow
- Decorating Greg's house ready for sale
- Securing a job. Yes, I have a job, but it will be all change soon. I needed to get a new role - the right role - in our senior restructuring. I did it. Phew. 

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  1. Hi Emma, just wanted you to know Hamishthewestie is my dog, so it's not really a dog following you but me, Linda Brown. I found your blog from your link on FB. :)