Monday, August 9, 2010

I was just unlucky!

Yes, you guessed it - I got the results of the genetic testing that I had done in March (see March 17th blog) and I have none of the so-far discovered gene mutations known to cause breast cancer. So I was just unlucky, I guess.

Or I have a gene mutation that hasn't yet been discovered. Mum and I have both given our blood samples to another clinical trial which is continuing to scour the human genome for any other faulty genes, so there is always a possibility there is something there.

For now, though, what this means is that I will not be proffering my left boob to go under the knife, and I won't be worrying overly about ovarian cancer or opting for an oophorectomy (I love that word!!!). My neices (and nephew) don't have to be any more worried than anyone else when they get older. Phew.

Its a relief, I can tell you.

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