Monday, August 9, 2010

Have a heart

You may recall that my Herceptin treatment has been suspended because my MUGA heart scan result was not what it should be.  Well, I have been on the perindopril tablets since then and my blood pressure is down - the last reading I had, it was at 115/79 which is nice and normal.     However, I had another scan and my %  (of blood being pumped through the left ventricle) is not quite back where it needs to be.   Normal is 50-70%, my first 'bad' reading was 44% and my latest reading is 48%. So its going in the right direction, but it isn't quite there yet.

Dr Iqbal mentioned that I ought to increase my perindopril dose between now and the next heart scan, but although I saw my GP on the same day, Dr Iqbal hadn't given specific instructions to we decided to wait until the GP recieved a letter.   This arrived today, so they have phoned and told me to double my dose up to 8mg a day, and if I suffer any low blood pressure symptoms (dizziness, excessive tiredness), to toddle in and have a BP check.   So tomorrow, we start on the higher dose....

The next heart scan is in the middle of September, followed by another appointment with Dr Iqbal.  It will be my last one with him, however, as he is apparently leaving.  I didn't get the chance to ask where he was going, but I will miss him.   He has been a champion for my fertility issues, so I will make sure I will ask him what his longer term plan would have been for me, so that I can make sure it happens.  I will miss him and his funny ways!!

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