Saturday, October 10, 2009

First visit to the breast clinic

Originally written: 9th September 2009

OK, well I found out last Friday that I was pregnant, and knew at that point that I had a breast lump which was about to be checked out. I expected to be told off for getting pregnant when I knew I had a lump.

I had that lump check up last night (Tuesday). I wasn't told off, not yet, but I have been told I may face some difficult decisions.

It looks like my lump is breast cancer. The biopsies have been done and the results should come back next week, and they'll be taking a blood sample tomorrow which should also give more information about the type and stage, but the mammogram was fairly conclusive ("only 95% sure" said the nurse! Oh, great!).

However, I am trying my best to remain optimistic, as I've been reading about women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy - some in early pregnancy like me - who have gone on to have their baby. I suspect doctors would rather it wasn't there as a complication, but I will try and fight to have it. I am worried this might now be my last chance.

From what I have been reading, a mastectomy and then chemotherapy once (if!) I make it into a 2nd trimester should be do-able.

I don't care so much about losing a boob - I'll get a reconstruction straight away if I can - but I do care about not being able to have children. I expected to get this in my 50's, not at the age of 36...

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