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Originally written: 24th September 2009

I haven't had access to a proper computer for a few days, but it is now time to report back on progress.

I had surgery on Monday which went well. I went into hospital on the sunday afternoon which did feel a little pointless, but got me settled in and I met my "ward-mates" before being too groggy! I went down to surgery at about 8.30am and finally my tears came while I was waiting for the anaesthetist - it felt very scary down there right then, even though logic tells you they are doing everything they can for you and you really don't have any other option.

The anaesthetist was lovely, he was honest when I asked whether he was changing anything he did because of the pregnancy by replying that almost every drug is contra-indicated during pregnancy but he would check with his boss to see if there was anything. I think he said they might not give me the anti-inflammatories for instance, and there were some things that are often down to anaesthetists discretion, but that I'd get all the things I had to have. His wife is 16 weeks pregnant, so I know he understood.

My surgeon was also lovely - for a consultant he is very human! He squeezed my hand a few times before I went under.

I came round a couple of hours later, and then spent the rest of the day in an out of sleep and throwing up in between. The awake periods gradually got more lucid and brighter, and I stopped upchucking at about 7pm. It was just little amounts, water to start with, which became bright green due to the blue dye they had put in me to find the lymph nodes. Turns out they took all the lymph nodes out as they looked a little misshapen and it also saves me going under twice while pregnant, so I am grateful for that.

I was allowed to go home on the Tuesday afternoon, which was marvellous, and my parents have been looking after me well ever since. I hope this has relieved G considerably as he is still going to work through all of this, and is finding it hard to sleep/wake and concentrate as it is, let alone worrying that I am not coping on my own or trying to do too much. Mum has helped me dress, have a bath, wash my hair etc, and dad is cooking up some lovely dinners.

On the pregnancy side, I am feeling fairly nauseous! I have a funny taste in my mouth a lot, and can't decide what I want to eat to stop the nausea! While this is 'good' in that I didn't feel nauseous a lot at all in my last pregnancy, and is hopefully a sign it is clinging on, it is also fairly miserable. I can't exercise much, I can't even lift a kettle or a pint glass with my right hand, so needing to eat will leave me very fat! I feel sick and also hungry at the same time, even if this is about 10 minutes after having eaten my dinner!! Strange.

Back to the hospital this afternoon to have my drain checked - it is under the skin of the armpit and stings if you move wrong, and needs emptying every day. And then to see the consultant to hopefully get the results of the pathology on what was removed. I have no idea what news that will bring, so lets hope it is good.

PS. The obstetrician sent a copy of his consultation last week, which said that on the 15th Sept I was 5+6 according to dates, too early to give a proper gestational date, and due date was 12th May. So according to that I will be 7+1 today, and 7+6 when they do the next scan, next Tuesday.

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