Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bone scans, wigs and fertility clinics - and teeth

Originally written: 2nd October 2009.

Had ERPC on wednesday. It went without any problems, no bleeding to speak of afterwards, and definitely no pain. Went home and drank champagne. Well, why not!

Thursday 1st Oct was the first day since 20th September that I didn't have to go to the hospital for something, so mum and I went to a local fish and deli shop, bought sea bass and had a nice coffee, and then pootled about during the afternoon.

Today, mum drove me back to the hospital to have a bone scan. Now that I am not pregnant, they can do this - it requires a painless radioactive liquid with no side effects (except they advise you don't go too near small children for a while!!) to be injected so that the bones show in the scan, so that was done at 9.30am (she went straight into the bruise created by the bloods taken on Wednesday; well, might as well!!). We went home and walked about 3 miles around town to get some exercise, and then drove back again for the actual scan at 12.30pm. This entailed me lying on a bed which is electronically forwarded under the scanner, and then very slowly removed. It scans as you move outwards, moving millimetres at a time. You keep your clothes on, and it takes about 17 minutes, so I just lay still, closed my eyes and relaxed. Easy.

I was supposed to have a CT scan (similar, but you drink the contrast liquid and it scans the soft tissue and not the bone) today too, but the machine broke down so I am waiting to hear about another appointment when it is fixed!

However, I did get on and call the 'wig man' to make an appointment - "ex-TV star of makeover shows" and "Welsh hairdresser of the year finalist" so his card says!! He sounded lovely (and very camp) and I am due to go for a consultation next Tuesday evening. He says it is very relaxed, almost a party atmosphere, and you should bring one or two friends to give an opinion on what looks right. I have been growing my hair, so I'll probably just get one styled in the way I was trying to grow it - saves the trouble!! I expect my hair will fall out in the first month or two of chemo - mum thinks from the first clump coming out, the rest followed within a week, so you do need to be prepared. Mind you, she hated her wig, so I hope mine will be less itchy and more comfortable!! Otherwise, hats!!

Fertility clinic is next Wednesday, so we each have long forms to complete before we go. We have to take ID and photos too!!! The forms basically ask about your fertility history and whether you are a paedophile, violent or a drug addict! All the way to Cardiff for that...

And finally, as if you didn't think I had enough to deal with - I had a toffee from the selection a friend gave me to help me feel better, and it pulled a huge filling out!!!! So now I have a gap in the back of my tooth. Luckily, it isn't too sensitive, so I can afford to wait until next Wednesday morning to get it sorted it out. Having a dentist 30 miles away and not being able to drive, isn't the easiest thing...


Keep smiling Smile

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