Sunday, October 11, 2009

New car to look forward to

So far so good on the injection front. I have done it twice now - Friday and Saturday, and on Saturday the second drug had to start so that was two injections. I'm not finding it too uncomfortable, although the Orgalutran was a bit sore for a while; the Menopur doesn't seem to hurt at all now. However, the side effect of a dodgy tummy is making an appearance.... will keep an eye on that!! I have also lost my appetite which is fairly unheard of!! I am still eating (have no fear!), but just don't fancy anything much.

On Friday afternoon I went to the GP's and got my sick note for work. Another one who thinks going back next week is too soon (except G, who can now see I am more than capable!)!! He nearly signed me off for a bit longer, but could see I fully intended on going back on Monday so gave me the dates I asked for!!! I also asked about having a flu jab. I had been invited as I have very mild asthma, and it is standard for the GP to ask all asthma sufferers to have a flu jab at this time of year, but the clinic dates were during my surgery and first week of recovery, so I didn't go (and never have, to be honest).

I have read that as your immunity is so low during chemo, it is best to get one done before starting - especially at this time of year. He agreed, but neither of us knew whether I should have the jab at the same time as being on the fertility drugs, so he recommended I ask at the hospital on Monday and see what they say. He also advised an extra exercise for my arm (which I am doing and trying to push that little bit more now), and recommended that I take regular paracetamol as after 2 days it builds up to a decent pain relief and will make the exercises much much easier. I haven't had any pain relief since towards the end of week 1 after surgery, and it does get sore, especially when I move it... so maybe I will.

I drove to the doctors surgery (G's car, as it is more comfy than mine) and felt fine driving, so getting that bit of freedom back is a huge relief!!

On Saturday, G and I went back to Cardiff to collect the remaining fertility drugs that they hadn't got enough of on Thursday, and then found the FedEx depot to collect the new cordless phones I had ordered. I want an answerphone to tell callers that the Brakewells don't have this number any more!!! When you're at home, you really notice those annoying wrong numbers! I've had this phone number for 3.5 years, and STILL they call for Mr & Mrs Brakewell!!! I should have asked for another number from BT at the start, but it's too late now!

We then went back to the Land Rover garage that we popped into last saturday, and negotiated to buy a Freelander II. I had intended on getting a fairly basic one, but there was one there with all the added extras at a decent price.... so we went for it. I didn't quite get the price for the Z4 that I wanted, but we did push as far as we could push them and the sales manager approved the last £250 that I wanted even though the salesman was trying to deny me!! G will be happy if he gets a free Land Rover umbrella!! This is the one I'm getting: (not sure how long this link will work for, so look, quick!). I collect it on Monday after our next visit to the hospital in Cardiff. It is so much more comfortable and very easy to drive, so I think I will really enjoy it, especially when we can fit in all our camping gear next Spring!!

So, back to work tomorrow, if only for the morning due to our Cardiff appointment at 3.30pm. I am looking forward to having something else to think about, and am sure my boss won't mind if I work from home some days - she called on Friday and we had a brief chat, so we just need to identify what tasks I can do and see how it goes. Being able to drive (for the time being, anyway - don't know what Chemo will bring!) is a god send.

Let's just hope these extra hormones don't make me a nightmare to work with! I am already being snappy with G regarding his driving (but then, I was prone to this on occasion anyway!!), and was crying my eyes out when Stacey in Eastenders got sectioned the other night!!! ha ha!!

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