Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All set for chemo #7

Hurrah, had bloods done today - more delays at the clinic, but I had a word with the nurses and told them I had to leave by 2pm as I needed to get back to work, and I think they bumped me up the list as I was seen only 30 minutes after my appointment time despite everyone having been told there was a 90 minute delay.

The oncologist had had to go to a meeting, so there was a specialist nurse in his place - at this stage, that was fine, as she actually listened and made notes about what I was saying. She couldn't prescribe, but made notes of what drugs I asked for (essentially, just sleeping tablets and mouthwash) and confirmed that radiotherapy should only be for 3 weeks. She said she would find out when it will start and get someone to call me or send me an appointment through. Apparently, they will do radiotherapy appointments from 7am to 7pm, so if I can get an evening slot, that would be great. I can continue going to work.

I've been reading comments about radiotherapy and quite a few people say they feel more tired after it has finished as it has a delayed effect. Well, I have time off booked towards the end of it, so it may be that I spend it sleeping!!!

2nd Herceptin tomorrow. I did have an appointment booked to have a PICC line inserted, but when they called last week to confirm it, I had another chat with the nurse about whether I needed one yet and decided to cancel. So, it'll be cannulas into the hand for the forseeable future.

Oh, and apparently the reason I was a bit of a witch to Greg after the last lot was down to the steroids, not hormones. The nurse seemed very sure of this. No doubt, he is really looking forward to that again next week!!! ha ha ha

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