Friday, March 12, 2010

Walk the Walk

OK, we're feeling inspired today. If you haven't seen the "Marathon Man" programmes about Eddie Izzard running 43 marathons (that's 1166 miles) in 51 days then you truly, truly should.

I was in tears last night watching it. It really struck a chord with me. You know I am reasonably no-nonsense, and you will have seen from my blog the other week about the frustration of being unfit that I am impatient, but seeing Eddie so dedicated to his effort, so cheerful as he continues through it, through pain and fatigue, is just awe inspiring. I love it when locals join him on his journey to encourage him on, whether they were the unemployed boys or aimless kids from Merseyside or the mountain rescue team in the Lakes, or just the girl on holiday in Wales whose dad "told her to catch Eddie up". He touched so many people on his journey, and I feel honoured to be able to share it on TV.

It left me crying for a lot more last night - hard to explain, but I was having another good sob. And also getting angry, again directed at people who bemoan (what I consider) small problems. Even while feeling angry and intolerant, I still had that nagging voice reminding me that everything is relative, everyone deals with things differently, but can I admit to frustration with work colleagues who are filling silence with daft speculation? (I have no problem with reasonable speculation, but get real!). With others who cannot see that change is inevitable and have the confidence to roll with it? I'm not just talking about my immediate team - who on the whole I have the utmost respect for and love to bits - but other people I work with too. I was very tearful still this morning, but getting a good few things done at work has helped, and I am back to being a little more understanding again.

What I AM left with, it still the feeling that the healthy do not try hard enough. That you are capable of so much more than you realise. I posted a Facebook status in my frustration last night: "Em has got really emotional watching Eddie Izzard's marathons. Don't give me excuses, get off your arse and get on with stuff. Seriously."

And bless you Charlotte, you have risen to the challenge (wine fuelled or not, you are committed now!!!) to Walk the Walk with Greg and I. It is a half marathon walk, no running allowed, on 4th July. You have to wear your decorated bra with pride. Men and women are allowed to take part, and you need to raise £100 each in fundraising.

I haven't started the fundraising yet (I'll give you all a break from having given so generously when I was diagnosed and started all this crap!!), but nearer the time, "Team Flora" (don't ask, it's a long story!!) will be coming!!!

Or why not join us, on what will hopefully be a sunny day in July? I've promised Charlotte alcohol afterwards, so let's party!!!

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