Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy busy

My mood has been brighter this past week, but I haven't posted as I have been too busy!! Last week was full of 9 and 10 hour working days (OK, so I'm sure plenty of people do more, but that is a fair few for me), visits to Charlotte's and winning at ten pin bowling.

We have lots going on at work, not only the transfer from Uni to College, but we've also just started a book stock review (yes, my idea, so the workload is my fault), been helping the team get the second issue of our newsletter blog ready (you can take a sneaky peak here) and preparing for World Book Day this thursday. I have cobbled together an agenda of seminars - not sure if anyone will turn up, but it is worth a go. I put together the slides for a talk on 'Copyright for Teaching Staff' today so have spent the afternoon reading copyright licenses! I have so much fun....!!!

This is 'appointment week' again, so off to the hospital tomorrow for bloods. I am hopeful that things won't be quite as chaotic as last time, and I have to be out of there by 2pm at the very latest as I have a library teaching session to do at 3.30pm, back at the College. The Veterinary Nurse teaching staff want a refresher on how to search for full text journals and get hold of published materials. I really want to find out about the radiotherapy this time - I definitely need to know a start date and I'd like to get an idea of whether I will be likely to drive myself there or not, at least initially.

I warned my local friends that I may be asking for lifts during that time, but obviously they can only do so much as they have jobs and children and lives of their own, but I know they won't mind helping out if they can.

Wednesday is 2nd dose of herceptin, and Friday is the 7th chemo session. So, so nearly there. I am bored of it now, I just want to get the last one done and dusted so that I can get better and better instead of being knocked back every 3 weeks. I just start to feel great when they dose me up again and I feel crap for another week.

The good news is, the evenings are getting lighter and spring is nearly here. Yay!

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