Monday, March 29, 2010

Cupcakes and chemo

A post (which I may or may not update as the week goes on, we shall see!), to let you know that I am fine after my last chemo on Friday.

I had herceptin at the same time as the chemo - well, just before it - half an hour to infuse the herceptin, half an hour observation (the last time they have to do that, apparently), then an hour to give the taxotere chemo. Then I was done!!! No problems getting a vein, and the cup cakes I bought the nurses seemed to go down well!!

On Friday, we went out for a meal with Luke and his girlfriend (just a quiet night out for pizza, none of us were drinking), and then on Saturday we were up with the larks to meet Greg's uncle in a cafe in Tiverton for breakfast. We got there for 8.15am, and had a lovely cooked brekkie when they finally opened at 8.30am!!

After that, straight on down to Exeter to see G's dad (Pete) - it was his 74th birthday and he is still motoring on pretty darn well!! G had bought him a telescope, which he had always wanted, so he was quite chuffed with that. After present opening, Pete had to go to his allotment as his mates wanted to celebrate his birthday with him, so I got them to drop me off in town so I could peruse the local wig shop. I'm looking for something shorter, with a fringe, to help me through re-growth... I tried a few on, but they all make me look at least 50 years old, so I decided against and bought two new lighter hats instead.

Later in the evening, we went out for a chinese meal where G's mum joined us, and then on Sunday we pootled home and stopped off at H&P's house to celebrate Jamie's 3rd birthday. It was lovely to be able to catch up with so many people!

I've felt pretty much fine throughout - a little indigestion on Saturday, and this morning (Monday) I feel a little slow and woozy, but I am not planning on doing anything much, except potter, so it should all be good.

Will update if anything happens, and will definitely post again once I've had my radiotherapy planning sesh!

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