Thursday, March 4, 2010

Herceptin #2 all done

Yesterday's herceptin was easy peasy. 1 hour being infused, half an hour being observed. I napped, read, the time went quickly. Greg went for a drive - too far, he ended up having no time at his destination before I was telling him to come and get me. I needed him there just in case I had a reaction, but no problems. We went for a Mexican meal afterwards (and some wine, oops!).

It's been a long day at work today - arrived at 8am as I had 'World Book Day' events to present, and got everything done by 6.15pm. Some things have had to be delegated, but I know I have patches where I don't do enough of that, so it's not a bad thing.

I'm very proud of my team for the way they are coping with me, with the uncertainties at work, with the crazy ideas that I have and get them to work on. They are simply fabulous. After the online newsletter and World Book Day, we now have had a 47" plasma screen delivered (yes, I ordered) so now we need to get it installed and hooked up to show advertising on a powerpoint display. Should be interesting! Oh, and a SoundEar. We are very excited about this - it should keep the noisy students less noisy...

I took my 2nd dose of steroids a little late today, so am currently still quite awake, but thats OK. I have some chores to do tomorrow morning before I go to the hospital, and then Waitrose as Sophie Student is coming over for lunch. Her tutors have recommended a home visit, so she'll get to meet the cats that I'm always talking about!

Talking of whom, Hobbes is now on as many drugs as me, I reckon! Took him to the vet a month ago as he's had a recurrence of cystitis (he has it this time last year too), and the initial drugs haven't cleared it up so he's had a bucket load more. He is now getting tuna twice a day to hide the drugs in!! He's quite liking that bit!!

He's had a couple of jabs (anti-B's and anti-inflammatories) and is now on Cystease capsules (emptied onto food) and Metacam (more anti-inflam). Can't say it is working yet, he is still peeing in the shower and spraying the house in random places. Sigh.

Right, must remember to try and get tickets for V festival tomorrow - Faithless, Kasabian and Pet Shop Boys are all on the bill, so it would be great if we can go. More stuff ticked off our list.

We saw Rhod Gilbert a couple of weeks ago, and it was brilliant. Greg was right to suggest we saw him in a Welsh town, it was totally random! Click on the link to see one of his classic gags.

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