Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Monday

OK, it is monday morning, 11am already. I slept reasonably (took the first of my ration of 5 sleeping tablets last night), and woke on and off with the various radios and alarms going off around me. Normally, I am straight up and awake or even awake before alarms go off, but today they were buzzing all around me and I was barely aware. This is what Greg is usually like, not me!!

I dozed while he got ready for work and left, and eventually got up to get headache tablets and breakfast around 9am, after calling in to work to confirm I won't be going in today. A little catch up on 4OD for more episodes of Glee, and now I am about ready to get up properly.

I am still feeling very slow, and have a hunch I will get frustrated today. In my head, there are 101 things I want to do, but I don't think I will have the speed to do them all. I must try and prioritise and pace myself.

First, tidy the house. I can't do anything until the house is cleaner.
Then.... see if I feel up to going to the garden centre to sort out Mother's Day presents (you know what you're getting, mum!!!! ).
I'd also like to tidy out some clothes drawers that are overstuffed with things I can't wear, sort out my photos on the computer, and delete some emails from my work email account before it stops me sending any more (very, very imminent!).

I also want to plan some meals as I have spent the past 2 days eating odd things and G and I have agreed to start having bigger lunches and smaller evening meals from this week onwards. He wants stuff like poached egg on toast for dinner. I am not good with a big lunch - I don't have time for it when I am at work, and I just end up snacking lots more in the evening, so I suspect we are going to be eating very different meals on this 'regime'. Hmmm. We'll see how it goes.

I am still going hot and cold. My heart is thumping and I feel short of breath, so I need to take it all slowly. I promise I will. xxx

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