Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Egg Wednesday (with 3 'comment' updates and a photo)

Just a quick update to say that egg collection is definitely tomorrow. Monday's scan was looking good, and the consultants have a meeting in the afternoon to confirm when they will do the collection procedure, and agreed on Wednesday. I'm first on the list apparently, so will have a light brekkie before 7am, then nothing for 2 hours. We have to be there at 8.30am to start the procedure at 9am. It is all quite precise as you have to take an injection of HCG hormone exactly 34 hours before - get it wrong and you ovulate and the collection can't be done.

They give you a conscious sedation (woozy, given painkillers, but awake - gulp!) throughout, but I am expecting to be sleepy in the afternoon. Quite looking forward to an afternoon on the sofa...!

Work continuing as usual. Went to Frenchay campus today for a meeting and ended up being 20 minutes late as it took 40 minutes to get through the last junction. I could see the campus from the queue at the lights, but the traffic was crawling along. It's been bad before, but never known it that slow!! Most amusing bit of the meeting was when we were talking about the revised staff appraisal process which is now called the Performance and Development review - one person commented that people might think we were looking at whether they were doing their job! No! Really?!!! I was chuckling to myself. And when another person wasn't impressed the feedback they might give would not be anonymous, in case they get 'attacked' about what they have said. Methinks that person needs to learn how to give feedback constructively!!

G and I are both a bit anxious about tomorrow, and I am feeling on and off sick (usually immediately after eating something), so our response to that is to order a curry!!! Best go and place that phone call..... Will update tomorrow (about the hospital stuff, not the curry! lol) xxx

Photo: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4021107&l=00fe463e0c&id=539858331


  1. A quick update:
    Egg collection is done. I am disappointed and was quite upset though - they only got one egg. I had hoped for more in case any don't fertilize or die when being defrosted. But nothing more can be done, they really have done everything they can for us. I am now getting a monthly injection to hibernate my ovaries so lets keep everything crossed that this does its job (though I am not banking on it).

    G's swimmers were given the OK ;-) and we will find out tomorrow morning whether our one egg has fertilized.

    The sedation was fine. Some discomfort at some points and I have spent most of the afternoon snoozing, but currently no other pain. I have been told to expect some tomorrow and to take paracetamol, which I will do!!

    Mini-update will be coming tomorrow. Let's hope it is good news.

  2. OK, quick and bizarre update.

    Had phone call this morning, good and bad news. Bad news is, when they cleaned and checked the egg yesterday they found it was not mature and they cannot fertilize an immature egg as it will have chromosomal abnormalities.

    The good news is that when they checked today, it had matured!!

    So they will have fertilized it today and we will get a phone call tomorrow to say whether it has worked.

    If you didn't think this whole journey was a roller-coaster already, the last two days have really taken the biscuit.

    And yes, I have been much more emotional and crying and stuff now. G got the worst of it this morning as I woke before 6am and couldn't get comfy or back to sleep so was annoyed, then was upset cos my arm still isn't moving as far as it ought to and it hurts all the way down the inside to the wrist. The bit under the armpit is getting easier, but I cannot stretch it or straighten at the elbow. It hurts. Frustration, pain and anger. I want to be normal.

  3. Woke at 3.30am and not able to get back to sleep today, so was obviously worrying.

    And, sadly, my worry was justified. The egg fertilized, but abnormally, so cannot be used. I am going to blame the hormones, but I am having a bad day coping with this news. It feels like I've lost another baby, when that isn't what has happened at all. It is just one more door that has been closed, but not ALL the doors have yet been closed, so I am sure I'll get it back in perspective soon.

    I made it in to work, got the phone call, let G know and then had a little cry. Got myself back together again for a short while and then lost it so decided I couldn't continue working in that condition and took myself home. I've spent the afternoon trying to catch up on sleep, but still don't feel right. I am hoping writing this will get some of it out of my system, and then I will get out of bed and try and cheer up a bit.

    I still have ovary suppression in my armoury. I am still alive. I still have G (who, by the way, is THE most amazing boyfriend in the world, just in case you wondered). And I still have a pussy cat asleep in a shoe box at the end of the bed. Makes me smile every day. xxxx