Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Busy Birthday week

Had a hectic few days last week, but it is starting to feel calmer now...

Thursday (day 14) - worked until 6.15pm, then G wanted to go to Cribbs Causeway, which we did. Due to having separate cars and needing them both in Monmouth next day, ended up going from Gloucester to Bristol, to Frampton (for some dinner in favourite pub), to Gloucester, to MOnmouth, so a longish day! Was slightly hyper and chatty, so didn't mind. Didn't feel tired/go to sleep until 1am, woke at 4.45am, not tired.

Friday (day 15) - went to Cardiff to do Xmas shopping - 5 hours, 3 trips to and from the car, 2 food & drink pit stops and £550 later, most of it is done. Not managed to get everything though. Car still not ready from the garage, should be monday or tuesday at the latest... Spent the evening wrapping presents. TBH, started to feel a bit tired/wobbly at about 3pm, but not enough to need to stop. Went to bed when G got back from his office Xmas party, about midnight.

Saturday (day 16) - had a list of things that need doing before sunday, but always knew they wouldn't get done... Woke at 8.15am by postman, back to bed for a short while, then up again to meet the Adams family in the Forest at 10am for Penny's day of birthday treats - ice skating, Santa's Grotto at Clearwell Caves and lunch at the pub.

It was worth it, as we had a really lovely day catching up with the Adams' and the Wilson-Hardinges! Feeling quite tired today, but well enough to watch the kids, play with Theo (who is a cutie) and Chloe (who has very rosy cheeks this week!) and, of course, Penny. Left at 5.30pm thinking i'd have a snooze, but haven't needed to so far.

Don't feel 100%, but it is tiredness, hungry and being stuffed (I know, contrary!), thirsty and not, woozyish without being sleepy... Very hard to describe. OK, but not.

Sunday - aged 37!! It sounds so old!!! (I know, everyone says that on their birthday!) - the Derbyshire contingent arrived at 11am as planned, and after a cuppa, we dragged them out for a walk at the RSPB place near Newport. Some miscommunication had happened in that Mat & Claire hadn't been told I'd booked a table at 4pm, and I hadn't been told that Claire needed to be back in Derby as she was going out at 7.30pm that night, but some hastily rearranged bookings and a bit of rushing about sorted that out, and a walk, mini picnic and dinner at Pizza Express ensued. It was great to see everyone, even if I was left feeling a bit rushed! I think part of it was just that I like to know how a day is going to pan out, and this one was chaotic. A bath and a glass of wine later and all was calm again.

And for the rest of this week - house is cleaned, bedding changed, cooking preparation has started, so everything is now under control. I am being a bit moody, so G is getting the brunt of that, poor love.

G's dad arrives today (Wednesday) and his mum tomorrow for a few days.

My car is STILL not ready for collection. I was told yesterday that the body work had been done, but it is now in queue to be cleaned... with 25 cars ahead of it! No guarantee that we will get it back before Christmas.

I told them that wasn't good enough as we are going out on Boxing Day with 5 adults (a small white lie, we are probably going out for a drive around the Brecons/Wales on Boxing Day or Sunday, with 4 adults, but I wanted to make a point!).

It has been added to the 'urgent' list, as I am sure there are lots of people wanting to travel in their own car for Christmas and not in rubbish Toyota Yaris's or Fiestas!!! They are having a meeting today and I'll apparently get a call back about progress, but I don't hold out much hope and am seriously pee'd off about it. They've clearly booked in more work than they have the people to work on it, so it is poor planning on their part.

Weather Report: just in case you wondered, we had a very light smattering of snow here on Sunday night, which then froze over, so it is icy/slippery but nothing is impassable, and all the main roads are clear. Not stranded like other parts of the country, or like we were here last February! I WANT MY CAR BACK BEFORE IT GETS WORSE!!!! GGGrrrr.

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