Saturday, December 12, 2009

FEC #3

Treatment yesterday went well. Nurse seemed a bit 'tentative' when inserting the needle, but she tried one on the side of my wrist instead of the back of my hand, which probably gave my 'usual' vein a bit of a rest. I mentioned that my arm had hurt (like a bruise, a bit tender) after last time, so she flushed with the saline drip more than last time and it seems OK so far.

Had a little snooze in the afternoon while watching a DVD of Love Actually - I do love a nice sentimental film every now and then!!

Tis now Saturday afternoon - woke at 7.15am (courtesy of Olive looking for cuddles), and read/surfed for a few hours, then got up and tidied and did my nails. Am now waiting for G to get in the shower and we're planning on popping down to Exeter to see his dad before Christmas.

So far feel absolutely fine, as usual, so although I am prepared for tiredness (do I take steroids for more than 3 days, I wonder?) I should be OK otherwise. Will update this thread with any further symptoms, as I like to keep a log or i'll forget.

Asked for the result of my MUGA heart scan, and the result was apparently 60%. This is a measure of the blood going through the left ventricle, I believe, and was told that is slap bang in the middle of the 'normal' range. Hopefully, that means I can have my 4th FEC and my herceptin, so all should be fine.

Got another letter yesterday regarding my appointment for an MRI scan - it has been moved to Abergavenny (Nevil Hall) on the same date and time, and this time they remembered to include the checklist on the back (it was missing on the first appointment letter!).

And had my swine flu jab on Thursday - I have to have two, as an immuno-suppressed person, so the first one is done (just feels like a sore arm/bruise on my shoulder) and the second will be done just before my next chemo.

Monday (day 4) - bad constipation again! Didn't take the lactulose over the weekend and paid the price this morning. Ouch. Next time, small doses on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Otherwise, was awake by 5am and apart from a little doze while my tummy was aching, I have been on the go all day. House is decorated, a few more Christmas presents bought (the rest get done on Friday and next Monday), and I have made enquiries at Severn & Wye Smokery to see if we can get some venison for Christmas dinner. I am expecting a call to confirm tomorrow....

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