Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From Christmas to New Year

Well, Christmas is done, and thank you so much to everyone who sent me cards, notes and of course, lovely gifts.

I've been a very lucky girl and had a nice briefcase/laptop case and a new iPhone case from Greg, lots of alcohol, some DVDs, a lovely handbag and lots of other bits and pieces. Thank you all.

Christmas itself was quite relaxed. G's parents shared it with us, so we got up leisurely, had bacon sandwiches for brekkie, a visit from Luke - and a huge thanks to his mum for making me another chocolate roulade - opened presents, a salad lunch, and later, our venison dinner. G was a bit stressed about the cooking as he wasn't feeling 100%, but it was still lovely, even without the red wine reduction or any alternative gravy!!

On Boxing Day we took advantage of the quiet roads and went for a drive. Just a small one... (see here for the route: Google MyMaps)!!

Today, I had my pre-chemo clinic and was surprised to find my bloods are low!!! 0.9 on the scale, and I need to be a 1 at least. I am really shocked as I feel fine, not low or tired at all (in fact, have been awake since 5.20am this morning!). So, I have to be re-tested tomorrow to see if they have gone up, and if not, no chemo for another week. I really don't want to prolong this any longer than necessary, so keep it all crossed for me, eh?

If I do get my chemo tomorrow (or next week), they have decided to give me an injection of neulasta, which boosts your white cells. This is given 24 hours after the chemo, by the district nurse, so I may be getting it on new years eve! The side effects can be flu-like aches and pains. Brilliant!!! Not. Let's hope I don't get them!!!

We are off to H&P's New Year's Eve party on Thursday, and I had already decided I wouldn't be drinking, and needing an extra jab means I definitely won't!! But I AM still going to the party, no stopping me there!! There will be too many lovely people I know there, and I would like to see them all.

And the snow came down here a short while ago, but doesn't seem to be lasting. G will be most disappointed. But I want to get to the hospital tomorrow and get this next session done and dusted. Halfway through the chemo then....

PS. Got my car back shortly after my previous blog entry!! They didn't bother cleaning it as the power washer froze up!!! Ha ha ha! I love my car, did I mention??? xxxx

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