Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No MRI after all

Wednesday (day 6 of this chemo session) - a fraught day.

Ran out of fuel this morning on the way to work - I entirely blame the Yaris courtesy car as it does not make any noise when the fuel is low, it just randomly flashes the last block of digital colour in the fuel guage light. There is no dial, just a crappy digital display, so you don't really have any clue whether it just started flashing, or had been flashing for ages without you noticing. It's crap. I hate the car.

Luckily, G rescued me and I made it work on time, just, for the training we were having. Had training (all good), brief check of emails and nothing that needs doing, so that's good, then had to cut and run to get to the hospital for the MRI scan. Got there just in time, so finally found time to take a deep breath and start to relax. Was reading my book as I waited for my turn (the sign said they were running 30 mins late), when I heard my breast cancer nurse (Michelle)'s voice. Said hello, and took the opportunity to ask if she could find out WHAT they were going to scan and WHY. Adrenal glands, apparently... why? They are linked to oestrogen production... However, she was also a bit unsure about it, so bless her, called the oncologist to ask for more information. And he changed his mind! So he doesn't want an MRI scan at all, is happy that we have clear bone and CT scans, and just wants to continue with the treatment as it is!!

She apologised profusely for having wasted my time and any anxiety I may have had running up to this, as she is well aware many people on chemo feel so tired so all this haring about isn't helpful! I am fine, so just feel like I got a couple of hours back from a fraught day, so it could have been worse!

I think we have to take from this that Dr Iqbal was not fully up to speed on me or what he needed for my case when he initially ordered the scan, and has since decided he has enough information for now. I don't think it is a bad thing, and I'd rather save the NHS's money if it isn't going to add anything new.

As for side effects this week, I have felt normal again. Not too tired, still OK to drive (although I cannot wait to get rid of this poxy Yaris and get my proper car back. Friday, I am told. It better bluddy had be!!!!!).

Off to the doctors now to get my Zoladex injection. Does it ever stop?

PS. I still haven't bought hardly any Christmas presents, but if you're getting a card, you'll have it by now (close family excepted!)!!! lol xxxx

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